Mapsandmachines is a 3d visualization studio working foremost in architectural, print and art projects.

The idea behind mapsandmachines is the cross-over between practice and study with the focus on different fields of production, implementing more artistic input into different case studies and project proposals. Visualization can work both as a singular entity, as well in symbiosis with any other activity-albeit commercial, educational or purely aesthetical.

Ideas don't always need to be 'strictly formulated' , engineer proposals don't have to be alone pragmatic, and solutions can be abstract and yet informative at the same time. Artistic input can help bring a new perspective on things, give solutions or open up questions.

Mapsandmachines is always on the lookout for future endeavours and cooperations, whether they are small independents, large companies, schools or artists.

So, feel free to contact us at any time, anywhere in the world.

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